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Solar farm fencing resources

Fencing for solar farms

A range of fencing for solar farm applications is available from Tornado.

As the popularity of solar power grows with the ongoing search for clean and renewable energy provision, solar farms will become increasingly important.

Substantial initial investment is required to establish a solar farm, so protecting the highly valuable solar panels and electrical equipment from theft or damage is of paramount importance.

Design of solar farms on agricultural land allows for sheep grazing in addition to the solar panels.

Protecting your solar panels is a key consideration – Tornado’s Solar Farm Fencing, manufactured from High Tensile wire and adhering to the highest British and European standards, provides an environment-appropriate barrier. Palisade or welded panels may provide security but are very rarely appropriate for a rural setting, a fact recognised by many planning departments.

Solar Farm Fencing from Tornado will not only exclude wildlife and provide first-line protection against intruders in conjunction with CCTV, it has been designed to blend naturally into its surrounding environment.

Need a taller solar farm net?

Tornado Titan 18/208/15 is a popular choice amongst solar farm project specifiers