Wolf Watch UK

Wolf Watch UK


Wolf Watch U.K recently contacted Tornado Wire seeking guidance on the installation of a new enclosure for their wolves.
The private membership group provides sanctuary for over thirty displaced wolves on approximately 100 acres of remote wooded land in a Shropshire valley.
To ensure the safety and welfare of all, using the correct type of fencing is essential which was why they called on us for our expertise and specialist knowledge.
The fact that the fence would be erected in less than ideal conditions on rough, uneven and often steep terrain by hand was no easy feat.


A Tornado specialist suggested using three lots of R10/90/8 as the spacing were tight enough making it impossible for wolves to slip through thus increasing security. The reason for three lots of fencing was so that they could be erected above each other in order to reach the height needed, and reducing the amount of fencing carried up the hill, making the job more manageable.


The result was a 2.7m high fence with small vertical spacings, joined by wild mesh clips that remained secure at each point over the undulating ground.
Customer was thoroughly satisfied with their new enclosure that was both safe for their wolves to roam freely and for staff to go about their jobs.
Offering feedback Tony Haighway, Wolf Watch U.K Director said “Tornado’s R10/90/8 was the best wire I have ever used and I am hugely pleased with it. I thank the team at Tornado for their helpfulness and knowledge in coming up with a suitable solution for this application…I now only have a bit of a bad back.”

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