The Foundry Lake Otter Fence

The Foundry Lake Otter Fence


After identifying an issue with otter attacks, the owners of The Foundry carried out extensive research to identify the best solution. The research led them to working with us to erect a fence to exclude otters from their fishery.

They were looking for the best fence available and most affordable solution. As we were clearly able to meet these key criteria, we were engaged to provide materials and practical advice to create the fence around their 30-acre fishing lake. They needed to erect a perimeter fence that was not only as tall as possible, but could be dug in by 600mm.


The fence, which spanned 1,900 metres, was erected by The Foundry managers. The rolls were supplied in 50 metre lengths and once the managers had mastered the technique, they were able to easily erect up to 600 metres in a single day.


We provided advice and support on matters, including tools and required fixings, from start to finish. In addition, our online footage equipped the owners with the additional insight they needed to enable them, as non-experienced fencers, to go ahead and successfully install the fencing themselves.

It was agreed that we would supply the fence with a hinged section. This was particularly beneficial as it enabled the fence to be turned out at the bottom, preventing otters from burrowing under it.

Graham Marshall, co-owner of The Foundry and project manager, said: “Having experienced researching, ordering and erecting the otter fence, I am certain we made the right decision by choosing Tornado. I would not hesitate in recommending Tornado to anyone considering otter fencing for their fishery.”

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