Wellground Alpacas badger fence

Wellground Alpacas badger fence


As the breeder of the highest quality alpacas in the UK, Wellground Alpacas needed to protect the health and wellbeing of its herd with a superior fencing solution. Owners, Rob and Les Rawlins, were determined to do everything they could to prevent their Alpacas from contracting bovine tuberculosis (bTB).

With badgers going on to their land and walking amongst their Alpacas every night, they feared they were effectively sitting on a bTB time bomb. In addition to operating their Alpaca Farm as a closed herd and adhering to a strict biosecurity regime, they wanted to further protect their Alpacas by installing permanent, specifically manufactured badger-proof netting.


We were approached by Wellground as they required quality fencing products. They recognised that only our specific badger-proof fencing would be good enough to do the job properly.

Manufactured in the UK, our badger-proof fencing is made of high tensile steel and is of the highest quality. The existing post and rail fencing was removed and the new fencing was erected with the badger-proof netting travelling down into the trench. For the netting to be effective, the wire needed to travel down 450mm below ground level and then turn out away from the land, being protected for at least 200mm. Having installed the fencing in this way, it left a finished fence height of 4ft. The trench was back filled, covering the netting underground, leaving it tidy and finished.


Wellground Alpaca Stud is now a badger-free zone, thanks to our specialist fencing expertise. Rob and Les have not only been provided with peace of mind they have safeguarded their herd against bTB as much as they possibly can, but that they have selected the best products on the market to do it with.

“The feeling of reassurance it gives cannot be measured. I know we cannot prevent avian TB or rodent TB entering our land. But we have been able to prevent the wildlife that carry bovine TB from entering our property. For us it was quite simply a no brainer.” said Rob.

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