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High Tensile stock fencing

Farmers know that effective grassland management requires strong and reliable fencing that will last for decades. Modern fencing solutions use high tensile wire that can be strained tighter than mild steel. There are numerous benefits to using high tensile wire, which include:

  • It does not stretch with weathering, so does not need to be retightened annually
  • Half as many posts are required
  • It is quicker to erect

While high tensile stock fencing certainly requires different techniques to erect than mild steel, it is no more difficult. Most farms nowadays have access to a post driver that can easily knock in strainers to the required depth. Bending and tying off is simple when using the correct technique.

The total number of people working on farms has halved since the 1970s meaning there is less time available for regular maintenance jobs, such as tightening stock fences. Tornado High Tensile Fencing stays tight and does not stretch like mild steel, leaving you with one less job on your list!

It is a common misconception that a mild steel stock fence will cost less than high tensile. High tensile mesh rolls may be more expensive to buy, but this is more than compensated for by the reduced numbers of posts and labour required.

Although HT8/80/15 is the most common spec used for livestock, we also offer a wide variety of specifications to suit different animals and applications. Please contact one of our fencing experts, who are on hand to provide you with professional support and advice.

Tornado Wire’s High Tensile Stock Fencing has been the choice for the best agricultural contractors for more than 30 years.

Decades of understanding and first-hand expertise has gone into the design and manufacture of our livestock fencing, and the results are clear to see.

Stock fencing can be used to divide fields and separate livestock, or as a protective barrier between fields and roads, railway lines or footpaths.

Tornado’s range of livestock fencing has been engineered to offer maximum strength, security and longevity to protect your valuable livestock, whilst offering exceptional value with minimal lifetime costs.

The durability and quality of Tornado stock fencing is widely recognised by farmers as well as professional fencing contractors; whether it is used a sheep fence, a lamb fence, a cattle fence or a pig fence, a Tornado stock fence offers the peace of mind that you deserve.

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