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Fencing for forestry

Tornado’s range of forestry fencing protects trees from damage.

With the number of wild deer in the UK currently standing in excess of two million and the wild boar population rapidly rising, the need for fencing that meets a diverse range of needs is more essential than ever before.

Modern forestry professionals need fencing that can manage the movement of wild boar and preserve saplings from deer. Fencing in forestry is traditionally used to protect young trees from damage by herbivores. Such fencing may also protect the local flora.

Fencing tailored to your application

When considering a fence specification, attention needs to be paid to a whole host of differing requirements to ensure only the very best results are achieved.

Click the link for further details about our range of forestry fencing, capable of providing a range of solutions spanning forestry protection, farmed deer management, infrastructure deer fencing, wild boar fencing and much more.


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