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Centaur horse fencing

Centaur High Tensile Polymer is the original Centaur fencing system. The product features three 2.5mm high tensile wires coated with an HTP polymer, and incorporates a patented insulated ‘belt loop’ bracket with a steel core which the rail slips through to disperse the effects of any sudden impact.

Centaur is perfect for perimeters, race tracks, arenas, walkways, corrals and other dividing fences.

Another Centaur horse fencing option is available as well, that incorporates electric fencing into the design. Hot-Rail® is an innovative fencing product that combines the patented Centaur HTP® technology with electric fencing, significantly improving the appearance and lifespan of electric fencing products currently available.

Centaur fencing can be used in conjunction with other horse fencing where required, in a variety of height and configuration options to suit different height and visibility requirements.

Lightning horse fencing

Lightning® is a highly visible permanent electric fence engineered for durability and resistance to wear. Lightning® installs like high tensile wire but offers far greater protection to horses.

Any number of line wires can be installed and, similarly to the Centaur products, Lightning horse fencing can be used in conjunction with other varieties of horse fencing to improve height, visibility or additional security.

Various tools and components are used to safely and correctly install Lightning horse fencing, including fencing lassos and wooden post insulators.

To learn more about Centaur & Lightning products you can download the data sheet…

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