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Horse fencing

We understand that selecting the type of fence that will contain your horse is an important decision. Fencing for horse fits broadly into one of the following four categories.

1. Timber post and rail is the traditional paddock fence, but needs regular maintenance as it is susceptible to cribbing by horse.

2. Electric fencing is a good temporary solution, but again regular maintenance is required.

3. Polymer rail systems, such as the Centaur horse fence, provide a traditional look with the benefit of low maintenance, but are not suitable to use where there are other animals grazing.

4. Tornado Torus horse fence provides a range of permanent low maintenance solutions for containing your horse and any other animals that may also share their pasture. We recommend a double fence in situations where horses are present on both sides

Vertical wire spacings from 50mm provide optimum strength and security while the small, unobtrusive Torus knot eliminates sharp edges, reducing the risk of injury to your horses or damage to expensive rugs.

Horse fencing often has to play a multifunctional role, not only securely containing your horse and any other animals who share their grazing, but also deterring domestic animals, such as dogs, from entering the paddock.

Timber post and rail fences and temporary electric fencing both need regular maintenance to ensure they stay effective. Tornado Torus horse fencing is strained tight and stays tight, meaning minimal maintenance is required.

Depending on its position, we recommend adding either Centaur HTP® or White Lightning® to increase the visibility of the fence. This is particularly important when not following an existing fence line.

Where paddocks are divided and there is a possibility that horses could be on both sides of the fence, we recommend double-fencing with at least one meter between the two fences. Alternatively, off-set electric brackets can be used to enhance the fence. Centaur HTP® and White Lightning® are both popular choices for dividing fences.

Tornado Wire’s Torus horse fencing is manufactured from high tensile steel wire; it provides the ideal balance of safety and security and the specifications available can cater for horses of all sizes. We recommend a double fence in situations where horses are present on both sides


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