Fence Installation Tools – Staple Gun

Tornado is proud to be the UK supplier of the STOCK-ade ST-400 pneumatic fence stapler, which increases fencing output by reducing stapling time.

With an extremely durable construction, the staple gun features an adjustable air deflector, air exhaust and depth of drive to make stapling easy, quick and safe. The staples come in a variety of lengths, with narrow crowns and divergent points for improved holding power.

  • Shaped crown – grips the wire for improved holding power
  • Diverge point – staple legs spread as they are driven into the timber for enhanced holding power
  • Adjustable depth – precision placement to prevent damage to the wire
  • Top-load magazine – fast reloading to minimise down time
  • Cycle rate – 3 staples per second
  • Aluminium alloy housing – lightweight and corrosion resistant for extreme durability
  • A choice of 4mm plain or barbed staples
  • 40 and 45mm staple length options